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Reach your audience every time

Reach journalists, news enthusiasts, and communication professionals with insightful press releases & newsrooms with valuable and relevant content.
Trusted by 2.000+ organisations in the Benelux.
Press releasesReach your target audiences directly by creating & sending out your own press releases, from right inside
Create press releases in different languages & on various topics
Easily add documents, media & press contacts
Preview your work before distributing to predefined contact groups or your own contacts
NewsroomsSet up newsrooms to gather press releases from your different brands or topics relevant to your business
Create a newsroom with a cover image, about section & relevant links
Easily add documents, media, press contacts, events & press coverages to your newsroom
Publish your newsroom so journalists and other interested parties can follow it & stay up to date on your activity
InsightsFollow up on how your press releases & newsrooms are performing.
See key metrics for your newsrooms & each of your press releases
Improve reach & press pickups over time by experimenting & following up performance closely
AgendaFind out which press events will be covered by Belga’s teams, and be the first to get access to their freshly uploaded coverage.
Follow Belga’s own wide press event coverage as it happens
Access freshly uploaded coverage to stay ahead of the curve
Monitor activity in your industry or topics of choice
BelgaimageAn image says more than a thousand words. That is why we have integrated our Belgaimage product into the platform. As a Belga.share client, you can monitor Belga images and use these in optimising your communication.
Whenever there's something going wrong or things get a tad complicated, our customer service is ready to help you out by e-mail or phone.
Get an optimal start by following one of our seminars or planning a demo with a specialist.
Guided onboarding
Set up your ideal newsroom together with one of our specialists to assure you get up and running as smooth as possible.
Get started with Belga.shareJoin 100+ organisations already using Belga.share to stay on top of the news. Discover our package!
€ 2.500/yr/organisation (excl. vat)

Together, we draw up your optimal newsroom and communication strategy

Unrestricted public or private distribution of press releases
Ability to create 1 or more newsrooms for your organisation or key people
Insights into the performance of your press releases and newsrooms
An access to our press agenda and digital use of belga images
Not ready for a subscription yet?You can also send a single press release once, via PRpro and later switch to Belga.share to send unlimited press releases.
Questions? We've got you covered.
Get started with BelgapressJoin 2.000+ organisations already using Belgapress to stay on top of the news. Discover our packages!
Other use cases
Explore topics of countless national and international newsbrands directly behind the paywall.
Popular features
Powerful search through our archive
Kiosk to explore news the way you want to
Realtime news monitoring
Monitor custom topics, categorise them and publish your own branded content.
Popular features
Custom queries to finetune news selection
Flexible newsletter creator
Instantly push articles via live feeds
Analyse the performance of your topics and create custom, branded reports.
Popular features
Analyse sentiment, reach, sources and more!
Automated analysis of your topics
Create custom, branded reports
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